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Brunskill Beef and Lamb

We have a breeding herd of Traditional Hereford cattle grazing on our pastures. As a conservation farm we are working hard to maintain their bloodlines and increase the numbers of the breed, at present we have in the region of 100 cattle.

Our cattle and flock of Badger Face Welsh Mountain sheep are raised naturally and graze on our farm all year round. These native breeds are ideal for our herb rich pastures. During the winter months they are supplemented with the best home produced hay, resulting in the best meat you will ever taste.

Because traditional breeds grow more slowly than modern breeds, so the meat develops a better, more distinct taste, a characteristic recognized by many leading chefs. Nor do they need growth promoters, hormones and routinely fed antibiotics that give so much cause for concern. Not only does the meat taste so much better, but this way of farming makes for happier more contented animals.

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Complete Traceability for Peace of Mind

Through our membership of the Pasture for Life Association, our beef is completely traceable. Using QR codes you can see all the information you need, from age to how many days it has been hung.

Liz and John Brunskill